• Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be a member of Tidemark Federal Credit Union for at least one year.
  • Be a member in good standing of Tidemark Federal Credit Union.
  • Qualify for bonding with the Tidemark Federal Credit Union’s fidelity bond carrier.
  • Not be involved in a lawsuit against Tidemark Federal Credit Union.
  • Never had a judgment issued against you in a civil action based upon grounds of fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.
  • Never caused Tidemark Federal Credit Union to suffer a financial loss and have no financial obligations to any institution or company extending credit which is or has been delinquent more than two consecutive monthly payments at a time during the past five years.
  • Never been removed from office by any regulatory agency while acting as an officer, employee, consultant, or representative of any financial institution.
  • Never been personally subject to an operating directive for cause while serving as an officer, director, or senior executive of any financial institution.
  • Never caused or participated in an activity that resulted in the suspension or revocation of a financial institution’s certificate of incorporation, or authority or license to do business.
  • Have no criminal record, no felony convictions or pending felony charges.
  • Be free of any real or perceived conflict of interest that might reasonably be expected to prevent you from acting in the best interests of the credit union.
  • Authorize and give approval to obtain a criminal background check, credit check and employment information.
  • Complete an Application, Areas of Expertise/Experience Assessment, Skill/Capability Assessment, and a Disclosures Agreement and submit to the Nominating Committee by December 31st of the year preceding the election.


Are you a Tidemark Federal Credit Union Member?(Required)
Work Address(Required)
Previous employers Information and Reason for Leaving(Required)
Educational background and Field of Study(Required)


Please indicate your area(s) of expertise/experience by indicating E (expert), V (very competent), K (knowledgeable) and NA (Not Applicable) next to the applicable items within the following list. See below for definitions of E, V, K and NA.

(E) Expert: You possess a degree/diploma/certificate in a skill area and/or have work experience in that same area.

(V) Very Competent: You have direct successful experience in an area as part of your work or volunteer activities.

(K) Knowledgeable: You possess knowledge of the basic fundamentals and concepts that are encountered in this skill area.

(NA) Not Applicable: The area of expertise/experience does not apply to you.

Please explain and provide details for your ratings. Attach a separate sheet, if necessary.

Credit Union Management, Officer, or Director(Required)
Other Executive Experience in a Business Environment(Required)
Other Board Experience(Required)
Financial Management & Control (Budgeting, Accounting)(Required)
Strategic Planning Experience(Required)
Regulatory Environment Expertise(Required)
Information Technology Planning and Implementation(Required)
Legal Expertise(Required)
Communication & Public Speaking(Required)
Writing & Journalism(Required)


Tidemark Federal Credit Union expects that each Director will bring to the Board a certain level of knowledge and experience, demonstrate certain attributes, and adhere to certain principles. The following question will help you to assess the extent to which you meet these expectations.

Please indicate Yes or No in the space provided.

Do you meet the Board Candidate’s Minimum Eligibility Requirements?(Required)
To the best of your knowledge, are you free of any conflict of interest?(Required)
Do you have sufficient time and energy to devote to the performance of duties as a member of the Board of Directors?(Required)
Do you have good oral and written communication skills?(Required)
In your personal and professional dealings, do you demonstrate integrity, high ethical standards and respect of privacy and confidentiality?(Required)
Are you willing to assume the responsibilities associated with the role of Director?(Required)
Are you financially literate (i.e. able to read and understand financial statements and financial reports and assess the implications of these documents)?(Required)
Do you have experience serving on boards or committees of organizations that have large budgets and make complex decisions?(Required)
Can you distinguish between the Board’s role and Management’s role?(Required)
Do you have experience as the Chair of a Board or a Committee that follows a form “Rules of Order” format?(Required)
Can you recognize and assess business risks and strategic opportunities?(Required)
Do you demonstrate the ability to think, act and speak independently and with conviction and confidence?(Required)
Do you have experience demonstrating that you can conceptualize and think strategically and that you possess good problem solving and interpersonal skills?(Required)
Do you have access to the Internet?(Required)


It is important that potential candidates understand that there is a risk of liability associated with acting as a credit union officer or director.  The risk also involves a potential personal liability that could include recovery from the directors themselves (personally) rather than or in addition to the liability of the credit union.
The application information is confidential and will stay at Tidemark Federal Credit Union.  If you request, the credit union will tell you the name and address of any credit bureau from which it received a credit report on you.
If you are selected as a candidate, you may be required to attend a formal interview with the Nominating Committee. The names and addresses of the Board of Directors are furnished to regulators and may be matter of public record.
Each director is expected to prepare for and attend regular monthly board meetings and the annual membership meeting.  In addition, planning sessions or other board events may require attendance.
Non-adherence to the Policies and Procedures of Tidemark Federal Credit Union may result in a director’s removal.
It is the intent of Tidemark Federal County Credit Union to a background check on all potential candidates.  By signing the disclosure below, you give your consent to a criminal background check, as well as approval to obtain employment information, credit reports and verification of any degree(s)/certificate(s) in connection with this application and review.
Please review and complete the following:
I affirm that I have read and reviewed the Tidemark Federal Credit Union Nominating Committee Information and Board of Directors Application Packet.  I do meet the qualification required.  I have completed the Application, Areas of Expertise/Experience Assessment, Skill/Capability Assessment, and understand the above Disclosures and Agreement.  I do consent and give my authorization for you to obtain employment information, a criminal background check, credit reports and verifications of any degree or certificate as applicable for your review and consideration in determining my qualifications for candidacy on the Board of Directors at Tidemark Federal Credit Union.

Terms & Conditions(Required)
This is required for our Annual Meeting, in the event your name is accepted into nomination.
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    The Nominating Committee will send you an acknowledgment letter and may interview potential candidates for further information and assessment of their skills and experience. The Nominating Committee typically completes its selection by March 31st and informs potential candidates of their decision.

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