Electronic Services

Our credit union services go beyond friendly personal interactions in-branch. We're here to serve members in Delaware, Maryland and throughout the world with electronic services that simplify your money management. And if you have questions, we're always available to assist.

These services make your life easier

We're always looking for ways to help you get more done in less time, and these electronic services offer tremendous convenience when monitoring your account and transferring or depositing money.

  • Use ACH Debit Origination to pay your Tidemark Federal Credit Union loans using an account at another financial institution
  • Set up monthly, biweekly, weekly or semi-monthly payments
  • Emergency one-time debits also can be made
  • You can set this up in online or mobile banking or contact us for assistance at 302-629-0100, email memberservices@tidemarkfcu.org, or visit a branch location

Account alerts are notifications that can be set up to notify you by email and/or text message of activity that has happened or will be happening on your account. 

Setting up account alerts on your account will help prevent fraud by alerting you when a transaction has occurred.

There are two methods for setting up alerts.  We can set them up for you in which case more alerts are available, or you can set up limited alerts on Online/Mobile Banking (My Settings/Other Settings/Alerts and Notifications).

To set-up more detailed account alerts, please give us a call at 302-629-0100, email memberservices@tidemarkfcu.org, or stop by one of our branch locations.  

Some of the options are below:

  • Payment Posted Alert for Automatic Loan Transfers
  • Payment Due Date Reminder
  • Change of Address Verification
  • NSF Alert
  • Low Balance
  • ATM Withdrawal Posts
  • Debit or Credit Card Authorization Pending

Set up automatic transfers for loan payments, to fund savings accounts, and more.  You can set this up in Online Banking yourself, or contact us to set it up for you.

Paying Bills online is a convenient, secure service that will help you to better manage your finances and provide a more efficient process for paying your bills.

  • Instantly deposit your payroll, pension, Social Security and other recurring payments
  • Schedule bill payments for recurring expenses, such as utilities, cable and more
  • Provide Tidemark Federal Credit Union's Routing/ABA number (231176884) and your account number to your provider to set up Direct Deposit or Electronic Payments
  • Eliminate paper statements traveling through the mail system for more security
  • Receive alerts when your statement is ready
  • View each month's statement behind a firewall in Online Banking
  • Access up to 12 months of transactions
  • View, print and save statements as necessary
  • Easy signup and free to use
  • Send and receive money throughout the world
  • Outgoing domestic wires and incoming domestic and international wires available
  • Outgoing wires includes U.S. banks and credit unions with branches in foreign countries
  • Visit a branch or download our form to initiate a wire
  • Same-day domestic wires must be received in our accounting department by 2 p.m.