Making Deposits

Our credit union services go beyond friendly personal interactions in-branch. We're here to serve members in Delaware and Maryland. And if you have questions, we're always available to assist.

We offer you numerous options for making deposits.  


Mobile Banking:  Once you’re signed up for OnLine Banking, you can download our Mobile Banking application from the Apple App Store or GogglePlay.  See our Mobile Banking Guide for full instructions.  You may deposit up to $25,000 in checks per day from the convenience of your home 24/7.


ATM:  All of our ATMs take deposits (cash or checks). Visit one of our branch ATMs any time, day or night.  Cash deposits are unlimited. Check deposits are permitted up to $25,000 per day. We do NOT place extra holds because you are depositing at an ATM. You will receive a receipt showing copies of the checks you deposited.


Express Teller:  Every branch has an Express Teller Machine at the drive thru and at least one in each lobby.  Utilizing our Express Teller option is the same as using a traditional teller except that it’s still open when our lobbies are closed and we rarely have lines. You can conduct your transactions in Self-Service mode at any time* of day or night.  Or, you can elect to have a teller assist you via a video feed during the hours of 8am to 5pm.  If you need a demo, stop into one of our branches and ask a Member Service Representative to show you how to use Express Teller.  If you have a complicated transaction (or you’re a non-member), one of our Member Service Representatives can handle your transaction at a Teller Station.


Shared Branching:  Did you know we are part of a network of credit unions nationwide who share our branches?  If you’re out of town and need to do a transaction in person, just stop into one of the credit unions in our Shared Branching Network.  There are links on both Mobile Banking and Online Banking to assist you in locating a nearby branch.  Or, go to & download locations to your GPS.  


ACH:  You can automatically transfer funds from another financial institutions or a brokerage account to your account here by requesting that they set up the transfer for you.  It can be one time or recurring. 


Things You Should Know: 

  • All check deposits made at ATMs or Express Teller Machines are reviewed during the course of the day and evening to ensure that checks are being deposited in the appropriate account and in the appropriate amount.
  • We have a generous system of waiving holds here, up to $25,000 depending on the average balance in your account over the past several months.
    • All of our machines place the same holds on checks that a live teller would.
    • We recognize that some of you are depositing payroll checks and we’re happy to waive the hold for you. Just call us at 302-629-0100 to advise us and we’ll review your account and remove the hold as appropriate.  No need to drive to a branch.


* Express Teller Machines are out of order each evening around 9pm for our end of day closing.  Generally this lasts for about 1 hour; at month end and quarter end it will be longer.