Personal Pension Account

Looking for a way to manage a lump sum of money? With our Personal Pension Account, you can turn the lump sum into a monthly payment of principal and interest that gets deposited monthly into your Tidemark Federal Credit Union Checking Account. From there, you have all the convenient access to your money online and via mobile device, ATM and VISA® Debit Card.

An efficient way to manage large sums

The Personal Pension Account can be the perfect solution for your 401(k), IRA or Certificate funds, or if you've obtained a significant amount of money through an inheritance or court settlement.

If you are using IRA funds, the interest continues to accumulate tax-free. Distributions from a Traditional IRA are subject to taxation as ordinary income. Outside the IRA program, the individual is taxed on interest earnings on the account for the year, regardless of the distribution.

  • $50,000 minimum balance with no maximum (additional deposits not allowed)
  • Variable rate tied to 3-Year Treasury Rate, plus .25% margin (adjusts quarterly)
  • Choose payout terms between 5 and 25 years
  • Program guaranteed until the end of each three-year interval
  • Option of a residual balance at end of the payment period
  • Standard penalty for early withdrawal in three-year intervals with standard grace period in between (waived in the event of death)