First-Time Borrower

We're invested in the youth of Delaware and Maryland, even when they go beyond for college. Younger members can take advantage of special accounts tailored to them as they start to learn about managing money wisely.

Our first-time borrowers program is head of the class

A good education includes learning how to be responsible with your money, and our first-time loan options are ideal for providing real-world experience. Whether it's a credit card or mortgage, Tidemark Federal Credit Union helps our members get ahead.

If you have limited funds or no credit history, we can still help you finance a vehicle, get a mortgage or obtain a VISA credit card.

First-Time Vehicle Buyer

If you've never owned a vehicle, let us help you get your first. You don't need any credit history to qualify for our preferred interest rate.

  • Finance as much as $15,000 (more with a guarantor) for up to 60 months
  • Loan-to-value up to 100%, including warranty, GAP insurance and more
  • Must be employed for 12 consecutive months with a minimum $1,500 monthly income while meeting our debt-to-income requirements

First-Time VISA® Credit Card

Get the spending flexibility of VISA®, even if you don't have a guarantor and lack credit history. You'll need an active Tidemark Federal Credit Union checking account and show that you can manage your monthly payments.

  • Up to $500 line of credit to start
  • Increases by $500 in six months and $1,000 annually, if your income supports the increase (you must request the increases)
  • Once you've reached our minimum standards for credit history, you'll be considered under our standard loan policies

First-Time Homeowner

Whether you're buying or building, this mortgage is ideal for borrowers with limited resources for down payments. All you need to do is meet our standard credit qualifications.

  • 100% financing up to $250,000; 90% financing up to $510,400 for up to 30 years
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), saving you thousands of dollars
  • Low origination costs