Fixed-Rate Mortgages

If you have at least 20% for a down payment with plans to stay in your home for at least 10 years, our Fixed-Rate Mortgage is an ideal option. Your interest rate never changes, so your principal and interest payments don't either. And with Tidemark Federal Credit Union, the application and closing are convenient and quick.

Mortgage solutions for homeowners in Delaware, Maryland and beyond

Even if you have less than 20% down, you can still get a fixed rate but with private mortgage insurance (PMI) premiums added each month until you've paid off 20% of your mortgage.

The fixed rate always is slightly higher than an adjustable rate, but you can lower your rate by opting for a shorter term. With us, you can get a Fixed-Rate Mortgage for anywhere from 10 to 30 years, keeping in mind the shorter term with lower fixed rate results in a higher monthly payment because you're paying more toward your principal. But if you have some budgeting flexibility, the lower rate will save you money in the long run.

If you have questions about which mortgage fits you, contact us today and our home loan experts will walk you through your options.