Home Improvement Loans

Ready to move forward with your home improvement project? We have the renovation loan options to fit your plans and budget. Depending on the equity in your home and the scope of your project, you can qualify for either a line of credit or a loan. Whether your home is in Delaware or Maryland, we want to help you get the financing you need to improve your living space.

Financing for your special home project

Our Home Improvement Loan is structured in different ways, depending on your circumstances. If you have sufficient equity in your home, this loan becomes available as a line of credit.

If you lack equity but have a first mortgage with us and your improvements are not more than 25% of the as-built value of your home, you can finance the improvements as a partial construction loan that converts to a home equity loan.

If you lack equity, your first mortgage is held elsewhere and your project is beyond the 25% threshold, your loan will become a new construction-to-permanent loan.

We're here to guide you, so contact us to discuss your plans and find out how funds from our Home Improvement Loan can be disbursed to you.