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Community Support

People helping people. That's the credit union creed and the path toward strengthening our communities. We're rooted in Delaware and Maryland, eager to make a difference in the communities we serve.

The Tidemark Federal Credit Union Foundation

Through our charitable foundation, we seek opportunities to support disadvantaged children and families in the communities we serve. Whether it's food, clothing, medical aid or other needs, the foundation exists to provide assistance through food banks, camp programs, school supply programs and financial education programs.

We've partnered with several area middle schools, as well, to focus on an underserved age group in our communities, and we're ecstatic about the support we receive from school leaders.

Do you want to be part of changing lives for the better? Membership is open to anyone interested in our mission. Just email [email protected]. We raise funds through donations, events and the $10 annual membership fee. Thank you for your support.

2021 Community Events

Little League Sponsors - Lewes, Milton, Lower Sussex, Milford, & Georgetown

Bagel Bombers Baseball - Banner Sponsor