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Set-up Account Alert

Account alerts are notifications that can be set up to notify you by email and/or text message of activity that has happened or will be happening on your account. 

Setting up account alerts on your account will help prevent fraud by alerting you when a transaction has occurred.

There are two methods for setting up alerts.  We can set them up for you in which case more alerts are available, or you can set up limited alerts on Online/Mobile Banking (My Settings/Other Settings/Alerts and Notifications).

To set-up more detailed account alerts, please give us a call at 302-629-0100, email, or stop by one of our branch locations.  

Some of the options are below:

  • Payment Posted Alert for Automatic Loan Transfers
  • Payment Due Date Reminder
  • Change of Address Verification
  • NSF Alert
  • Low Balance
  • ATM Withdrawal Posts
  • Debit or Credit Card Authorization Pending