Visa Card Protection

The only thing better than the ultimate convenience of our VISA® card offerings is the tremendous security that supports them. Shop anywhere and access cash anytime with greater peace of mind knowing your VISA® is protected.

Additional, helpful VISA® information


It's easy to activate and start using your card. Just call US: 800-290-7893, or INTERNATIONAL: 206-624-7998.

Call 888-297-3416. When calling after hours wait for instructions in the message. You may also turn your card off immediately in Mobile Banking by clicking on Card Controls, or visiting Online Banking.

When traveling outside of your normal range or when traveling abroad, notify us in advance so we can ensure your card is accessible. Call 302-629-0100, advise us securely via an email in Online Banking, or click on Card Controls in Mobile Banking. You may also contact us through this site.

Shop confidently when you register all your VISA® cards with VISA® Checkout, which enhances your security during online transactions. Registration for this free service is quick. Plus, you can access special offers from participating merchants.

If you want to learn more about VISA® Checkout, check out this video.