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Business Services Expert and Testimonials

Tidemarks Vice President of Commercial Lending is ready to provide exceptional service to all of our business account members. 

Ed Horan


302-629-0100 EXT. 148


It is with great pleasure to let you know that your banking services and individuals are so helpful, the Board has agreed to deposit our latest Covid Relief Grant and soon to be second Grant in your financial institution.

Additionally, Bonnie Farris gets an additional ad-a- boy for her assistance with the PPP.

I do have a Mortgage outstanding on our facility that I and would like to refinance at your institution..



Tidemark is the best bank ever to work with!

Kelly & Mark

As the owner of CPA practice who has worked with many financial institutions, I was thoroughly impressed by Tidemark.  So much so that I used Tidemark for my company’s PPP Loan along with many of my clients.  Ed Horan and his team helped navigate many of the issues during the application and ultimate loan forgiveness process, and we received exceptional customer service throughout.



Mr. Horan, 

Sir, you have made a big impact on our emotions today.  We have been on a roller coaster since Feb, explaining our case over the hundreds of phone calls/emails between the Senators, Delegates, State governer and other branches, banks, and other lenders such as Lendio and Ready capital. Mostly ignoring our calls-emails and/or basically not having an interest in looking into our scinerio.

Regardless of what SBA comes back with, Sir, I am in your & Tidemark FCU's Debt for bringing us to this level.  I understand that there's not enough money for everyone, and a lot of industries are suffering. So if our Entertainment businesses are not qualified, we understand, and happy to accept what happens. 

Thank you for your time today and help.



I want to take the time to personally thank you and your team for assisting me in applying for the PPP loan and PPP Forgiveness Programs.  I cannot express to you enough with my dissatisfaction with ‘big banking’ during this time of financial difficulty for my business.  Naturally, I originally applied for the PPP Loans through the banks that I have my business and personal accounts with.  Let’s just say that my attempts were in vain because I was forced to realize that I am just a number with them and my accounts were likely not large enough to warrant a call back or any type of timely feedback regarding my loan application status.  Needless to say, a colleague of mine told me about Tidemark and things changed!  I was pleasantly surprised to actually have the ability to speak with people like you, who were able to advise me regarding the steps I needed to complete during the PPP loan application process.  Ed, not sure if you recall… but I know that we spoke after business hours on more than one occasion. 

I cannot thank you and your team enough for your professionalism as well as compassion during this time of uncertainty.  Tidemark has been a breath of fresh air to me – and as a small business owner who also takes pride in providing clients with excellent customer service, I want to take this time to applaud you and your team for a job WELL DONE!