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Your financial well-being is extremely important to us, and we want to assist you in any way possible. In late 2015, we implemented a plan to enhance our financial counseling services by certifying employees with the Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) designation in partnership with the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education® (AFCPE®).

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Family Money Talks

Don’t you wish you had learned more about money when you were a kid? I do! I’m sure most of us have experienced at least one costly, stressful money mistake in our lifetimes.  Although many of us had to learn our money lessons at the school of hard knocks, we can make our children’s lives easier.
Money Activities

CreditSmart® Homebuyer U

Homebuyer U provides a comprehensive homeownership education course through an interactive, guided experience. It offers six modules, each focused on key learning principles to promote education, homebuyer preparedness and financial management.
CreditSmart® Courses

Your Money, Your Future

One of the best things about having your own money is that you get to choose how to use it. Whether you get a weekly allowance or get paid for walking your neighbor’s dog, your first step in handling your money well is to think about short-term and long-term goals. Then make a plan to reach them.
Money Guide for Students

Financial Counseling

Rely on Our Expertise, Credibility and Consistent Advice

Our financial counseling program is free to members living in Delaware, Maryland and beyond to help with all manners of financial questions and make a positive difference in your financial future. Our Financial Counselors are looking out for you and your family by offering various services:

  • Educate regarding sound financial principles
  • Assist with debt management
  • Identify and modify ineffective money management behaviors
  • Develop successful strategies for achieving financial goals
  • Develop new perspectives on the dynamics of money in relation to family, friends and individual self-esteem

Contact us today and let's start working toward your brighter financial future.



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Steven Duval - Accredited Financial Counselor


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Member Testimonial

A few months ago, I found myself so confused and not understanding exactly how to manage my finances.  I wanted to pay off my debt, maintain a high credit score, build up my savings account and secure my future finances. But how? Because working everyday, paying bills and maintaining minimum monthly payments was not cutting it.  I was overwhelmed and found myself not being able to dig my way out of debt and get ahead.  I kept telling myself I don't have the extra money, I am just going to have to continue making minimum payments and wait it out. I checked my accounts daily with no movement, lived paycheck to paycheck and watched my credit score sit with no change for what felt like forever.  How could I ever make progress when I didn't know how or when I didn't think I could afford it?  I wanted a new car, an RV, the ability to not feel burdened by credit cards and just wanted to be comfortable to buy something if I wanted it or have an unexpected expense without worrying what bill wouldn't get paid.  I reached out to Tidemark, desperate for guidance or support to help me with my needs and goals....that is when I met Pamela Varvaro.  Pamela reached out to me and assured me that she would help any way she could. The day we met to review my finances, credit and goals she assured me she would get me where I needed to be. She said that it wouldn't be easy and I may not like what she says but we had to build our foundation on trust and commitment. As hard as it was to hear, I was willing to listen. (and believe me, it was probably harder on Pamela since I am annoying with many questions and complain, a lot!) Pamela made me feel comfortable and helped me understand the whys behind her recommendations. We have shared stories, laughs and made everything so easy!  She reviewed my statements, my spending habits and together we created our plan. To this day, I have paid off thousands of dollars of debt, increased my credit score, learned how to budget and have a peace of mind, which no amount of money can buy.  I can not tell you how grateful I am for what Pamela has taught me and how she has guided me throughout my journey.  I tell everyone if they have questions about their finances or credit, call Tidemark. You guys rock and Pamela is truly the BEST!

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