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Telephone Banking

When you're away from the internet and far from a branch, check on your Tidemark Federal Credit Union accounts by picking up the phone. Audio Response, our free phone banking service, is convenient, easy to use and available anytime you need it.

Your Money Is Just A Phone Call Away

We make it easy to manage your account from your phone 24/7 by calling 855-697-2328 so you can quickly take care of multiple financial tasks:

  • Check account balances and history
  • Review cleared checks
  • Transfer funds immediately and schedule transfers
  • Deactivate or reorder debit cards
  • Place a stop payment
  • Change your PIN
  • Request a withdrawal by check

Setting Up Your Automated Telephone Banking Pin

To access and set-up your four to sixteen-digit pin you will need to call our Automated Telephone Banking system at 855-697-2328. Use the following prompts to set-up your pin:

  • Press 7 Account Management
  • Enter your Member Account Number
  • Enter Pin Number (If you have not used our Automated Telephone Banking system before, please call for information on pin 302-629-0100)
  • Press 2 to Change Pin Number