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Who Can Join

Ready to join Tidemark Federal Credit Union? You're eligible if you meet specific standards about living, working or volunteering in certain parts of Delaware and Maryland. Review the eligibility requirements and then take the next steps toward membership.

We're All in This Together

Growing our membership base means helping more neighbors improve their financial well-being. Individuals are eligible for membership by meeting one of these criteria:

  • Live in Delaware's Sussex or Kent Counties, or the Maryland counties of Somerset, Worcester or Wicomico
  • Regularly work, do business in, worship, attend school, perform volunteer services or participate in associations headquartered in those counties
  • Participate in programs that address poverty and distress in those counties
  • Be a spouse of someone who passed away but was qualified to be a member
  • Be a part of the family or household of a Tidemark Federal Credit Union member or someone who is eligible to join

Business & Associations

A business can qualify for membership if it is located in or maintains a facility in Delaware's Sussex and Kent Counties or the Maryland counties of Somerset, Worcester or Wicomico.

Associations include organizations, clubs, teams, etc. You may also join the Tidemark Foundation to qualify.

Accounts for Minors

Open accounts for people under 18 years of age either with a parent/guardian or as a Uniform Transfer to Minors Account (UTMA).

If parents are opening a joint account, use our standard account application; if not, use our custodial account application. Since minors do not have the legal capacity to contract, we cannot normally provide access devices to minors; however, if you are the parent or legal guardian of the minor and want the minor to have full access to the account, we will accommodate your request through the Addendum to the Account Application for Extended Services to Minors.