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Switching your direct deposit and electronic transactions to Tidemark FCU is easy, particularly with our Direct Deposit Advance program.

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Direct Deposit

Questions to Ask
  • What is the best way to start or change my direct deposit?
  • When will the change take place?
  • Do you allow me to split my direct deposit between financial institutions?
Over the Phone
If they will handle this over the phone, be prepared to provide the following:
Tidemark Federal Credit Union
1941 Bridgeville Highway, PO Box 1800
Seaford, DE 19973
Routing/ABS number: 231176884
Your nine-digit account number
In Person
If it’s convenient for you to visit in person, provide them with the above information. They will probably ask you to fill out a form and sign it.
By Mail
Ask if they will accept a form provided by your financial institution. If yes, use our form (PDF). If not, ask them to provide it to you (by email if possible).

Direct Deposit Advance

Generally, direct deposit is transmitted two days in advance of the actual payment. So, if you are due to be paid in the next two to three days, your next payroll will go to your previous financial institution. After that, your next payroll should come here, if your request is submitted and processed promptly.
To ensure that you don’t get stuck in the middle, and to get your automatic bill payments started as soon as possible, Tidemark will automatically cover any ACH Debit Transactions up to the lower of the amount of your bi-weekly payroll amount or $700.
All you have to do is bring us a pay stub from your last two payrolls or show us the automatic deposit in your other checking account. To apply, contact us online or call us at 302-629-0100 and ask about Direct Deposit Advance. We’ll send you the application via secure email and you can sign it electronically.

Social Security Direct Deposit

Social Security requires that you call, go online, or visit a Social Security office to change or start your Social Security Direct Deposit.
Call Social Security’s toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213. Be prepared to provide the following information:
Tidemark Federal Credit Union
1941 Bridgeville Highway, PO Box 1800
Seaford, DE 19973
Routing/ABS number: 231176884
Your nine-digit account number
If you already get benefits, you can sign up for or change your direct deposit online. This applies to Social Security benefits only, not available for SSI.
Visit an SSA Office
There are offices in Sussex, Kent and Wicomico Counties.
If you don’t currently get Social Security or SSI benefits, but plan to apply, take a blank check with you when you apply for benefits. Make sure you write VOID on the front of the check. Our nine-digit routing number is 231176884.

Recurring Payments

Review your previous statements and list all automatic recurring payments to merchants, such as mortgage payments, utility bills and insurance premiums. We recommend that you go back three months. Obtain the last invoice to find your account number and the telephone number or address of the merchant.
ACH Payments
To start or switch your recurring ACH payments, first call the provider and ask if you may handle this by phone. If yes, you will need to provide the following information:
Tidemark Federal Credit Union
1941 Bridgeville Highway, PO Box 1800
Seaford, DE 19973
302-629-0100 (Accounting Department)
Routing/ABS number: 231176884
Your nine-digit account number
Your account number with the merchant
If the service provider requires it in writing, ask if you may use a form provided by your financial institution. If yes, print our form and send it. If the service provider requires that the request be in writing on their form, ask them to send it to you.
Debit Card Payments
If you use your debit card for recurring payments, you will need to contact the provider and provide your new card information. They will generally take this over the phone.

Closing Your Other Account

Follow these steps to avoid any disruptions
  • Ensure that your payroll is now posting to Tidemark Federal Credit Union.
  • Ensure that all of your automatic bill payments (either through ACH Debit or through your Debit Card) have been moved to Tidemark. Review past statements to determine that you contacted all providers.
  • Ensure that any checks you have written against the account have cleared. If not, you will have to leave enough in the account to pay the checks. If the checks are outdated (older than 90 days), you may either issue a Stop Payment or simply close the account and the checks will be returned. If your financial institution charges fees, make sure you leave enough to cover the fees until the checks clear.
Once these steps have been completed, you may close the account.

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